Christopher Columbus A Whole New World
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Welcome to the New World

Today is Columbus Day, what does this mean?  To most people it means you get a three-day weekend; many schools, banks and post offices are closed.  But to many, they don’t really know much about it.  Is it Christopher Columbus’s birthday?  Or is it the day he sailed off to find the new world?

The voyage and arrival of Columbus to the Americas in 1492 is celebrated the second Monday in October in many different countries.  In the United States the landing is celebrated as “Columbus Day”.  Latin America celebrates this day as “Dia de la Hispanidad”. Spain celebrates the day as “Fiesta Nacional” where it is also the religious festivity of “la Virgen del Pilar”.

In my own business of digital marketing, each and every day is like living the life of an explorer.  Digital marketing is a whole new world compared to traditional marketing such as print or radio. This new world of marketing is ever-changing which also presents many challenges to business owners.  Like Columbus, we know that there are still some people reluctant and cautious of change. They want to hold onto the old ways of marketing and hope that the old ways will someday return.  There will be people that will continue to execute cold-calling programs, direct mail and traditional print advertising in the hopes that they might still work. Many of them are under the false pretense that these methods are working because a few new clients came from their efforts.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

All I can say is the biggest difference between the marketing of yesterday and today is that inbound marketing is measurable.  Websites are being architected into a salesperson rather than a brochure.  If you have a team that knows the best practices of setting up landing pages, creating CTA’s (Call to Actions), content management such as blogs and SEO (search engine optimization), you will see increased growth and results.  Online marketing has changed dramatically in just the last 12 months.  What might have worked for you last year will no longer work for you today.

Inbound Marketing

Consider this when deciding if you need to implement an inbound strategy into your overall marketing plan:

  • 40% of the people in this world (3 billion people) use the Internet in some capacity
  • Over roughly the last year traditional marketing has fallen nearly 160%
  • Digital marketing has increased over 14%
  • 80% of Internet use is via the Smartphone

Inbound Marketing is on the Rise

So, what do these statistics tell us?  Your customers and potential customers are using technology. The question is,  are YOU?  I am not saying you have to be a drastic explorer like Cortez who burned his ships never to see the old world again. Some traditional marketing still needs to be included in your complete marketing strategy.  Business owners should stop doing things that are not working for them as they still cost time and money. This includes things that are not measurable or cannot deliver marginal results.  It is time to shift a portion of your marketing budget to things that will work for your business. Look to inbound marketing as well as setting up goals and conversion metrics in Google Analytics so that you can start driving traffic to your website.

This new world of marketing is changing every single day, which can be overwhelming. You may not have someone on your staff with the knowledge or access to bandwidth to implement such tasks. You may want to consider hiring a digital marketing agency, someone who has experience with many different verticals in setting up strategic programs. This would allow you to take advantage of their skills and knowledge and provide you with better results.

Never Stop Exploring…

At Phil-Mack Media our job is to stay ahead of the ever-changing technologies and make sure that your inbound marketing programs are being executed and deliver measurable results.  We specialize in helping businesses identify opportunities for growth by working with analytics specific to their business or industry. In a nutshell, we not only help you make sense of the technology, but we show you how to make it work for your business. If you’d like to get started today, we can help. Take the first step and fill out this quick online form. We will provide you with a free digital assessment customized for your business.